I not understand why my flyer is unique design was hard rejected.

It’s just a text with some simple elements around it.
No creativity and no HQ design.
I told you to practice for 1 year and look at the artworks of some great flyer designers but you keep trying and trying and upload and get rejected every time.
My time to designed an artwork is 5 days.
First I write my ideas on paper, What elements and what typo do I need
?, then I draw a composition and sketch some elements globaly on my ipad.
After that I create the main elements in Blender3D and at last I add all elements in Photoshop and create a good composition.

And yeah its a hell of a job but you can turn into a great designer.
But take your time and never been to satisfied.
This is a lesson i give to you.
Every time you ask for help you come with the same kind of flyer design.
Design something and N2N44 told you the same every time.
Why are you doing this to yourself?

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Thank you :slight_smile: I will make again flyer more maybe one day will to be approved :slight_smile:

This is an example of some sketching and idea for a Halloween/horror party…
It’s not finished jet, it’s far away from good. But it took some days to work this out and make it a great artwork.


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Thank you!!!, I already have tablet digital, draw as idea flyer :slight_smile:

No don’t make a flyer again, please translate my posts.
You are way to far from a high skilled level.
Just practice for 1 year and DON"T upload anything on Graphicriver.

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I not resubmit flyer but later 1 year more I will upload my design flyer.

im sorry, i rest my case.
Please upload anything you want and keep dissapointed time after time.
I quit helping you.
Goodluck with the flyer design.

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you don’t understand me…

I will to practice every day but later 1 year more I will upload in graphicriver, my designs are not professional.

sorry my english not good.

Thank you for you help me :slight_smile:


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yeah and she does not follow all that she is told, this is part of the problem. I understand that Jeri is deaf and that she has trouble to speak English well enough but the fact of the matter is that it always end up in the same way, she fails to follow a lot of instructions that u give her so that she can take the item and her game on the longer run, in the end her creations and skills do not improve fast enough and she faces a lot of legitimate rejections. The main part is that she starts taking her time instead of rushing to create a lot of things that fo not reach the standards in the end …

I told u many times Jeri, learn from YouTube channels that I recommended for u, they are huge, u will learn a lot of techniques and will identify on the job how to use them for your own creations … there is no easy or quick way out, u have to pay your dues to his industry , as the old good French saying goes, “Rome city was not built within a day” …


I’m sorry to say but being deaf I think it’s just an excuse for Jeri. Believe me, you can overcome your condition I have a friend also deaf and he is a great sculptor. Also I met a painter few ears ago that has achromatopsia. He can see only black and white and shades of grey and his artworks are simply brilliant. He use colors without seeing them.

Jeri probably graphic design it is not for you. From what I’ve seen over the years you have a penchant for craftsmanship. Try to create decorations vectors and try to sell them on E**y. Also try to create small physically handcraft objects and try to sell. I think Chile’s culture and art history can help you allot. You can get allot of inspiration from Pre-Columbian art.