What are you listening to right now?


I do not whant to be a Doctor Strange !

P.s P.O.D this for ethernity !


But I think that music is the feelings that everyone experiences differently. and it’s really cool to hear a song or a track that you’ve forgotten, it brings back the old feelings, the old days. Thanks for understanding.



Somewhere In Time (The Album) is legendary. “The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner” is my favorite :slight_smile: - Some would disagree but I think Iron Maiden is definitely in the same league with Deep Purple.


Wow! Russia became the world champion in Break Dance :man_cartwheeling: ( it’s very cool! )





@CHEER! I saw this clip earlier) this is a Cool video! We all have something to strive for!!




I love the LP where this song is in. [Against Perfection, 1993]



The beginning of that track remembers me this one


Thanks for the good song! But I have never heard this song before. I’m even a little surprised. :+1:


This band “The Cars” got some really good LP´s.
Some stuff about that song, just for fun. The singer of the band is Rick Ocasek, but in “Drive” is Benjamin Orr, the first singer in the band. Rick played just the guitar at the beginning. Benjamin plays synth.
The girl in the video, Paulina Porizkova, get married with Rick Ocasek after this video, they met during the recording.

Maybe you recognize this one, one of their famous :slight_smile:


Anybody around a fan of Jungle (the band, not the genre…)?

I’m addicted to these live KEXP shows…


Abstract , Experimental )


I thought this will be stupid, but clicked anyway… I ended up as a subscriber :smiley: :metal: