Best happy, positive and uplifting music with vocals and/or harmonies

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What’s the most happy, positive and uplifting music with vocals and/or harmonies?

We want you to post your music recommendations from AudioJungle for the perfect music that’s uplifting, positive and contains vocals and/or vocal harmonies.

How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favorite pieces of music with vocals and/or vocal harmonies that perfectly captures the feeling of happiness and positivity.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • You MUST copy, paste, and provide the following in your post:

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  • Copy/paste the link to the TWO items (a maximum of ONE by yourself)

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  • One post per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • There is no deadline, we will keep this thread active on an ongoing basis.
  • Two entries posted by October 2 will each win a die-cut Envato sticker via a random drawing!


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Good luck! We’re looking forward to reading and hearing more about your recommendations!


by @stardiva

by @ElevateAudio

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by @artsygoat

by @DivaProductionMusic

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It’s a little retro, but still sounds positive, happy and uplifting. And there are vocal harmonies.

Jazz vocal!

Hi all) Here’s my two favourites items :muscle:

Larger Than Life by @pinkzebra Veeeeeryyy positive and happy song. Always in my Ipod

Happy Upbeat by @Alive_Tunes Happy whistling song with a folk flavour :smile:

Good luck everyone :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

My upbeat and uplifting positive motivational light rock track with vocal harmonies.
Listen to it!)

And, of course, track by Mr.Pinkzebra :slightly_smiling_face:

Here they are: :slight_smile:

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