Best Fun & Upbeat Music for Kids & Children Videos

What’s the best fun, happy, and upbeat music for children videos?

We want you to post your music recommendations from AudioJungle for the perfect music that’s happy, fun, and upbeat and well suited for use in kids & children videos.

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How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favorite pieces of music perfect for children that perfectly captures the feeling of happiness and fun.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • You MUST copy, paste, and provide the following in your post:

———————————————————————— ✁ ——————————————————

  • Copy/paste the link to the TWO items (a maximum of ONE by yourself) Put each link on a separate line and an item preview will automatically generate.

———————————— :scissors: ——————————————————————————————

  • One post per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • There is no deadline, we will keep this thread active on an ongoing basis.

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to reading and hearing more about your recommendations!


Both tracks are perfectly suite to the children videos!


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