What are you listening to right now?


Welcome to Monday.


Welcome to six o’clock Monday.


I don’t expect anybody else to be a fan…but I loves me some Alan Price!


A genius!

PS; I recommend his book “How Music Works”. I think everybody should read it.


Cool song by CHON (2017)! Whole album is fine btw.


Music is about taste and subjective, but in my own, i prefer this :wink:


Like that blues guitars with sitar / tabla sounds.:blush:


Reminds Adrian Belew solo works.


The CV of Adrian Belew is incredible.

PS; i linked a song from talkind heads, he played the guitar with them.


1990: Classic track by Jean Leloup, a local "genius" lunatic (which I stumbled into a few times) who had the potential (and the managerial backing to go with it) for mass commercial success, but who always preferred to stay true to its roots, travel to unusual places, having fun, put himself in danger with just the right risk degree and record only when money was low… while avoiding to die at 27 to meet Hendrix and friends, etc:

Cool video with surrealist touches, done with a small budget, but a good deal of creativity:


i LOVE LOVE that kind of people, they are really who make the world turn around.


True words :heart:



@FirstNote: Hahaha! Great find! :joy::metal:


Why all listen old music ?


Because these days… :wink:


And about remixes, covers and other stuff…

The original belongs to The Notwist, and for me, it is a delicious.

But when Panda Bear took the song, he created a very nice beautiful cover.
You can even think they are not the same track!

If you ask me, which one i prefer, i say BOTH.



Discovered this few months ago, like a drug for me. Have to listen it again today)


@WildLion_Production - Let me tell you a little secret: when you listen to music that you heard 1 - 10 years ago, she moves you through time.