What music do you listen to when designing?

Okay, a popular topic to do on all boards. Now we hit it off on GR.

So yeah, what music do YOU listen to when designing? For me, It’s been pretty silent lately. Otherwise it usually used to be house/hip hop. House generally when doing poster work since those tend to be electro.

To be more specific:

Daft Punk
Symbian Mobile Disco
Laidback Luke


I love anything like Daft Punk or Justice (or more in that trend) when designing, and on the other hand, I’m also a rocker and I love to listen to Nirvana, Guns n Roses, etc.

I have over 300 songs lol but I don’t listen to them all. Punk, metal, dark metal, dark rock, hard rock, punk metal, punk rock (E.X. Relient K), a tad of hip-hop-rock, and other stuff.

Here are some of my fav bands I’ve been listening to latly (most of them are indie, but they have awesome talent. I got 60+ free songs “http://www.indievisionmusic.com/wordpress/2008/11/05/another-way-to-fight-compilation/”:here

Blue Cadet and the brave December
Saving Grace
Blood Command
Gray lines of perfection
The concept
Maylene and the sons of disaster (if you were on gomedia latly you’ll have seen something from these guys)
All have fallen
RED (non-indie)
House of Heroes (non-indie)
John Ruben (non-indie)

Well… lol, the list goes on and on and on, but I’ll stop there. I have a list of all my fav bands on my blog.

just this :slight_smile: http://www.last.fm/user/rzepak/

None. I actually love netflix and put on TV shows and movies while I work.

Never the same thing for me but lately it’s been “Eric Hutchinson” who I actually went and seen last night at Stubb’s (Austin, TX). He opened up for G Love which is another great artist. It’s a great time to be in Austin with SXSW coming up!

Mostly some ‘grunge lyrics’ like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, Vladimir Vysotsky, or Led Zeppelin, or Johann Sebastian Bach, or some hot flamenco guitar, or some cool jazz piano… :wink:

Hard rock, heavy metal, alternative, mostly. =)

None. I actually love netflix and put on TV shows and movies while I work.

Same here but I often get accused of skiving off work then…

I used to listen to Pandora while I worked but lately I have been listening to Bocelli. If it’s a different language I can concentrate more. lol Once itunes passes those two songs it’s back to Taking Back Sunday and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I guess it depends on the time of day and the client - mid-day it’s 80’s music and late night I need something to keep me going.

I listen to whatever is energetic on “Musicovery”:http://www.musicovery.com , dark or happy, depending on my mood. MC Chris and MC Frontalot are also geeky fun. :smiley:

Videogame tracks and New Age (Yanni, Enigma) - anything that makes getting ‘in the zone’ easier. :wink:

Hard rock, heavy metal, alternative, mostly. =)

Totally agree

Most of the time Tool. :slight_smile:

ASOT with Armin van Buuren, 70s & 80s rock (mostly AC/DC and Guns’n’Roses), some symphonic power metal and gothic (Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Rhapsody of Fire).

I have my days to listen some singers/groups, but these are my favourites :

Don Omar
Robbie Williams

It’s funny, I find myself the most productive to loud, angry music… even though I’m neither an loud or an angry person (quite the opposite in fact). With that preface, I’ve been rockin out to Rise Against, Haste the Day, Thrice, Jay-Z, The Black Crowes, Queens of the Stone Age, and a number of others. When I’m ready to wind down, I’ll throw on some movie soundtracks - often James Horner or John Williams.

Here’s what I’m listening to right now. Otherwise, when I’m designing, I love nothing more than listening to TheFlashbulb, the Donnie Darko soundtrack by Michael Andrews, The Streets, and Stars.

Pop and Electronic :’]

Or whatever comes on Spotify.

hiphop :smiley: Lil Wayne, T.I. stuff like that :smiley: