What are you listening to right now?


Hello customers!







One of my favorites bands. i LOVE, LOVE the bass in this song (and the entire song too :slight_smile: )

I loved play it in the sound checks when i was in bands.





Hello Clients!


Is that your second profile?


Hahaha No, I only have this one.
I just was listening that track and wanted to share.


Horrible week, so i decided spend the day listenning music and just do that all day. (Well, and clean home)




We can be sellers, just for one day.


This song for which I loved all the songs of Sandra! Her first song(on magnetic cassette) (who I heard from a friend a long time ago in 1997) was about the most incredible for me! Incredible memories for me! (pleasant shock of my mind) :wink:


How I love beautiful background vocals :notes:


The Magic! of sunday evening :slight_smile: :tea:


Having a little reminisce :slight_smile: One of the best video games of my childhood, orchestrated. Sometimes people choose to do really surprisingly wonderful things!




Excerpt from the film"Frank".