What about Trance

Hey friends,
I need to admit, that I am one of the older ones here. That means, that the music I really like, is Trance, Melodic Trance, Uplifting Trance and so far which has it high peaks a10 or 15 or 20 years ago. That means not, that I want to claim to be an expert in Trance productions, but I have really fun with it.
But I think, that this category of music has had her time. What do you thin about? Is it worth to spent some time to create Trance tracks for the AJ platform (with the higher ris to get a rejection) or would it be wasted time? Is there a still commercial potential or not?
If I look in the trance category, there are a lot of older songs and the sales are not comparable with bestsellers. But who knows? Eventually some customers are looking for that sound? What do you think about guys?

Forget it, this genre is way past it’s sell-by date.


Thanks @gballx , clear statement, what I wanted.

I’m also a big fan of trance. Unfortunately I doubt it has much commercial appeal. I uploaded this track recently but I don’t expect to make many sales. We’ll see though. It’s definitely more of a niche genre but it could still be usable in the background to a youtube video of drone footage or something like that.

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From September 2020, miserable 3 sales (uplifting trance), I started to study this genre, but as I see this genre is in little demand now. I really love the trance genre music. Draw your own conclusions @Daydreamz-Studios !

I absolutely agree with @gballx !

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Hi @Daydreamz-Studios !

So back in 2013 i uploaded a trance track, it got quite a lot of sales back then but unfortunately the last sale was in October last year, and a total of 6 sales in 2020 (out of its 194). If you enjoy making trance then why not give it a try, but keep in mind that the usage of such a track would probably fit best in videos such as club promo or festival aftermovie, which there aint much of with the current state of the world.

hmmm, I think I’ll give it a try. It’s a track I have nearly finished. If there will be no sales for it or if it gets rejected…I had my fun to produce it. Sometimes that counts more than sales.
Envato is the Chernobyl of the stock music market at the moment anyway. So nearly every track is for the trash can.

I suppose some HIGH QUALITY trance tracks may expect single sales even they have a big price. I would expect way bigger rate of the higher tier licenses.

Though it’s a relatively thin line between good old trance and some of the Big Room EDM… I mean this EDM often sounds like more commercial version of Trance with better quality and less hmmm… cheesiness xD So I would not expect that trance it will become popular again soon (maybe never).

In other words - it may be worth to try it (only with the best and awesome quality production) though it’s a short-sighted genre. It’s only my prognostication not based on actual numbers so I may be wrong.

I don’t see why not! Even though the good old days of uplifting trance have resumed themselves to a niche, there are a lot of fans of the genre (I count myself one). You can always adapt to the market, a little slower bpm, shorter duration and simpler structure can result in a cool track that may fit well in the market. Regarding sales…nobody can predict that with any genre. If it is high quality eventually you’ll sell it at least once.
Good luck!

Chuck it on Spotify. I’m sure there’s loads of folk out there remembering their ‘Ibiza days’ fondly at the moment, since we can’t go anywhere. I’m imagining everybody throwing shapes in their living room on a Saturday night. I’m sure they would love some new stuff. I know I would!

You could try going slower and more progressive like Ben Bohmer, he seems to be very popular at the moment. I think a lot the the techniques are the same it is all just much slower. Around 120-122 BPM but it is still built around melodic pads, synths and crazy deep basses.