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Hello everyone! Could anyone make a critique of this track? Thank you for your opinion since I do not know why it is not sold as expected. All the opinions will be welcome, I will come to improve the quality of my tracks. Thank you very very much !

Hola paisano, (respondo en inglés que no se permite respuestas en otro idioma)

The song is nice, I think the problem is basically that an epic track should be exceptional to get lots of sales here, is a very very competitive and overcrowded category, also the luck is a factor, your track - no matter how good it is - will be buried very soon after you upload it, so unless you upload new tracks every week or so is really hard for people to just find your song.

The more quality songs you have (and how often you upload) your chances to get noticed are better…just my two cents


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Hi EneroSur. I agree with what Sonicbyte said and want to add…This is a beautiful track with great orchestration and passion. It also has long periods of very soft passages, long periods of epic buildup, and a huge drop to very soft piano at the end; hence “Grand Crescendo” being part of the name. This creates great emotion and feeling, but also can reduce the number of potential uses of the track - in a stock music sense. So, it should be recognized that, for a stock music business (which is a numbers game), this type of track may have fewer buyers than other epic tracks that are more flexible to multiple uses. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer !!


Thank you very much for your answer !! I will work more on the functionality of my tracks


I agree with @Sonicbyte and @MidnightSnap , I think the composition is very nice, It happens to me the same with some of my prefered tracks… I think that you can find a lot of this kind of style here…
competition is fierce and and there are some excepcional authors from which we all can learn a lot.
I think we can use our social media and our own networks to spread our “word” .
good luck with future sales!
sorry for my english… abrazos! :smiley: