Week stats in my dashboard showing wrong weekly earning?



I just checked my earnings for the week on my earnings page and found its much more than it is showing on Dashboard page ‘Week Stats’ Is it for me only? Maybe included support is not calculated in the week sales stats?


Bug with This week's stats

Is this with a third party plugin or browser extension?


It’s about the official ThemeForest Dashboard page right column: This week’s stats


Yeah, i have same issue, my dashboard page “this week’s stats” different with my earning on the top page. so make me confused right now.


Here is from my other topic (didn’t see this one):

The earnings (in the dashboard) for This week’s stats are wrong.

It says:
This week’s stats
You have earned $26.82
You have sold 3 items

Because it is computed as item price - item fee, not as item price + support price - item fee - support fee.

So each item price is computed as: $13.50 - $4.56 = $8.94. 8.94 * 3 = 26.82
But in the earnings page it shows the correct value:
Total number of items sold this month: 3

Which is computed as 13.50 + 8.10 (6 month support) - 4.56 - 2.73 (support fee) = $14.31 . $14.31 * 3 = $42.93


Yep, exactly like that. The calculation does not count the support sales amount.


Same issue here … Envato ?


Got an email back from Envato staff and they are aware of the issue and working on a fix :slight_smile:

(Please don’t submit any more support tickets regarding the issue)



Yes, I too see the issue with my weekly earnings report.


Yup, it’s still there :disappointed: