Dashboard displaying wrong data

Hey there!

I want to report some issues related to the This week’s stats and Fun fact sections from the author dashboard.

This week’s stats (You have earned …): The earnings from the 6 months included support are not added. (0.21 * item price)

Fun fact: It says that my last sale was $11.9 (17 * 0.7 | elite author, which I’m not), and according to my statement or earnings tab I did not have any $11.9 sale.


I believe they are facing some API problems at the moment

Not sure if you have seen this post?


I know about that post and I don’t think this has something to do with the API or displaying the data of another author.

Since they changed the way they calculate supported items ( license + support - fees, or something similar ), they probably forgot to update that section…!? :confused: