We want to upload icons on graphicriver.

Hi we want to upload icons on graphicriver. We want to know following steps.

1.) What should be size of artboard ?
2.) What should be icon size ?
3.) There will be 2 zip files. “Preview image set” or “Main File”. I actually want to ask that in which zip file “png, svg” Folder place ?

Please help us in detail.


Hope this Article will help you:

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If we ant to send SVG and png files. Where should we place ? Means in “Main file” folder or in other ?

PNG files should come in at least one of the common icon scales
In main Files folder.

in the main zip file

Main zip file should have some help file and all the work (without any preview images).

But if you put png file folder in main file. Will it not be consider preview images ?

Okay. Means first we will put “AI,EPS” in Main folder. Then we will make “PNG” of all icon. Then put in simple folder. After that folder comes in “MAin” file folder. Am i right ?

Within Main Folder

  1. main.zip => all fies related to Icon

as like: https://prnt.sc/m67593
for more you can check at youtube video.

Sir kindly tell one thing more. What should be size of artboard ?

You can upload two zip files:

  1. Main zip file - here are all works, pngs, pdfs, svgs, eps, psd, ai, and so on…
  2. Preview images zip file - this is optional but if you want upload some extra preview files they should be here, and nothing else, only preview images.

Thanks sir. Sir one thing more. What should be size of artboard ?

I am not sir, I am paul. :slight_smile:

This one you should check in the help center -> BUT I don’t think there is a limit…

HERE you have full info about Icons submission requirements:

:slight_smile: read it :slight_smile: Sir hehe

Hahahah. I have also read it. But could’t get reasonable answer.

Can we outline text for graphicriver or we should remain text live ?

can you explain? I don’t know what do you mean hehe

I mean that fonts should be expanded or not ?

still don’t get it.

what fonts ? where?

Fonts should be licence free and you hould provide links to all fonts used in design. Also if you asking me if fonts should be editable … my proposition is YES ;]

or you asking about something other things ?

Okay i got you. If we remain font editable. Then we will have to make information file for clients. Now information file will comes in “Main.zip” ?

If you remain fonts editable you have to be sure this fonts are on free licence for commercial use (with resell option too) and you have to provide links to download this fonts.

Links to fonts you should place in item description on the item page here on the market and also in the help file (which is in main zip file you uploading)


Ahan Thanks alot Sir. Hehehe :joy: