Please what are the necessary files ( vectors)


I want to put some of the works designed by the Illustrator program, please what are the necessary files
There is a picture



Main File

Save your main files into a .zip folder, including all instructions. Ensure the files are organised in a clear and orderly fashion.

Envato Market-specific instructions for preparing your main file:

Preview Image Set

You can provide additional preview images. They must be JPGs no larger than 900x900px , and named in the order that you want them to appear using the following format:

01_preview1.jpg, 02_preview2.jpg, 03_closeup.jpg .

Create a .zip folder containing your additional preview images.


for the first one u can put all formats if u can, it does not hurt …
for the second point, this is a zip file that u have to provide and the number inside does not really matter so much as long as u name then as expected …