Total Newbie - I need help to start

I’m a little (okay, a lot!) lost in here. I need a step-by-step guide on preparing my vector art (logos, textures, and groups of items) to upload and sell. It seems all the info is presented in bits and pieces. I know it has to be CMYK eps 1200 px wide. But I really don’t understand how to “package” everything. How many versions to upload. The thing about layers and color versions and themes. What and where to send it. How to name the files. Yikes.

I wish there were some examples posted of what we are supposed to do and how to do it.

Remember, you were all newbies once too! :wink:

hi i am not sure i am correct or not but i am not sure that all vectors have the same requirements, as the logo category has some and i an not sure they are the same as other ones for instance … besides, i guess this is interesting to remind u that for all preview files this is the same, u need a thumbnail 80x80 a main preview file at least 590 pixel large and main zip where u put your main item and a last zip with some additional previews if your item