About main preview image

Hello everyone, I got confused about the new preview image requirements, is still 590px for the minimum of wide? because I checked at the Envato author help is changed

which one is correct? can anyone answer and tell me for the newest preview requirement

Thank you

yes, width must be 590px

but I checked on this is different

it being said

"The cover image is considered the primary preview image to present your file and is required at the set dimensions/aspect ratio listed above. We know that one image isn’t enough to show off your product so you can include up to 15 preview images.

Including preview images is optional, but if you are including one, please follow these guidelines:

  1. We highly recommend you to include 3 or more for best results on the item upload page.
  2. The previews can be of varying size however we recommend the same aspect ratio and dimensions as the cover image for best results.
  3. Recommended Dimensions:
    *1170px wide
  • Accepted file formats - JPEG, PNG, SVG, or GIF
  • Max File Size: 20MB
  • Max Height: 1500px
  1. Minimum dimensions is 570px wide."

It is not your Cover image, it is preview screenshots which is optional. But Cover image (main image) is required and width is 590px.

" The cover image is your primary preview image which will be displayed as the first image shown on your item detail page and in the search results. Alongside your main cover image, you’ll also be able to include a series of preview images as outlined in the next section below.

In an effort to present your items in the best way possible, Envato offers cover images that are larger than what’s traditionally found on digital marketplaces. We realise this is more work for you as an author however the end result will lead to your products looking as good as possible leading to more exposure of your items.

Please review the following requirements below to get started!

  • The cover image must be provided at these dimensions at the minimum:
    • Cover images must have a 3:2 aspect ratio
    • Recommended Dimensions: 2340px (W) x 1560px (H)
    • Minimum Dimensions: 1170px (W) x 780px (H) - aspect ratio 3:2"

I am confused didn’t find the minimum size for preview image
is cover image is a main preview image?

yes, it will be your main image represent your item in the item page for the customers.

it said at the help page minimum is 1170x780

so which one is correct? 1170 or 590 for new requirement?

have you checked the upload form:

Field: Image Preview

590 pixel wide JPG preview of your file. The recommended height is 700 pixels. The maximum height is 8000 pixels. If you need more previews for your item, please consider uploading an optional Preview Image Set.

The above you are talking is about- Field:Preview Image Set

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alright thanks a lot for your great response

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