When uploading icons, do you submit one-by-one or all in one file?


Sorta newbie here. Having a little trouble tracking down specifically the info I need and I’m starting to go in circles.

I have a set of 30 icons I’ve created. They all belong to the same theme, same style, etc.

I’ve read the submission requirements, sizing and technical info for submitting icons to Envato. But what I am not sure is when I upload, do I upload and name each individual icon separately and then Envato can sell them as a package? Or do I have to upload them in an already pre-packaged format (so, rows of several icons in one file)?

Hope this makes sense. Appreciate the help.

I think you should pack them all together as a set :slight_smile:

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Have you checked this:


Thanks everyone. I’ve figured it out and have packaged them as a set in different file formats.