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Hi Envato community, I’ve received two rejections for my cycling icon submissions. Could someone share their insights as to why these may have been rejected and what I could do to improve them? The stated reason for rejection was not meeting the quality standard. I submitted the following files: Sketch (with symbols to be used as an icon library), AI, EPS, SVG, PNG (in 64, 128, 256, 512).

The above is just a screengrab so you can see the icons and the content for item description.

The files and layers are all organized. Files are also provided according to the Envato icon guidelines. There are 30 icons in total, all unique.

I also have these listed for sale on another website and they are selling well.

Thank you for any help you can provide :pray:

If you are an Exclusive author, you cannot submit an item which you’ve been selling in other marketplace. Exclusive author must need to submit item exclusively in Envato.

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Thank you @envalab for the input, however I listed as a non-exclusive author. Are there other potential explanations for rejection based on quality that you can see?

hi for the the stroke is too thick and this makes th item and preview look not aesthetic , which ultimately decreases the commercial potential. making the strokes reasonably less thick will make it look more classy and in this case probably more professionally executed. Maybe some icons are a bit simple and they may feel lie expecting a bit more work or originality, too, at least in my view

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Hi, such a design cannot be purchased, even if it goes on sale, I can easily copy it, you need to prepare a product that cannot be copied.

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@MKdesi9n Can you share any examples of icons that fit this criteria? Aren’t all icons when stripped down to their most basic form easily copied? Isn’t the point that there is a wholistic set around a given theme that you can just buy and use for your project?

@n2n44 Do you think it could have been rejected because the lines are not set as a stroke, but rather a fill. I did this intentionally thick so at a small size (like in a mobile tab bar) they can still be easily/clearly visible. It feels like this guidance is more suited for illustrations. Thanks for the help.

hi, i am not an expert enough to tell u without being possibly mistaken, but as for i could understand , i think that this is the other way around. On the other hand, this is just what i understood , and to be perfectly honest , this would make more sense that they look for being having an adaptable stroke indeed …

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