asking for your feedback on why my items got rejected

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask for your valuable input on why my items got rejected. In the email that I received they mentioned that it s not meet current technical quality requirement for the category that it was submitted to.
Here is the link to a sample of the file that I uploaded

Thank you

if you want feedback you need to share a preview/demo here

The post is updated. Thanks

We took out the original file - you don’t want to be giving that away for free.

Just share a screenshot/jpg of the end choice of icons

Thank you
The screenshot of the project and icons

hi for me this is nice, i do not identify why the thing was hard rejected , apart from envato having potentially enough of these items or what they feel as to similar an item … (not sure) the only thing that i would say otherwise is that there are one or two execution small issues if u ask me. One as regard to the wave which do not look 100% even when u zoom in and the slanted rain looking a bit strange

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