We’ve Improved the Audio Discovery Experience on Elements!

Calling all video & audio Authors! We’ve got some exciting news for you…

Customers looking at video templates will be shown a box promoting the audio used in the preview when it’s available on Elements.

We know that it’s important for our Authors that Elements customers are able to easily find what they are looking for. We also know how valuable it is for our Author community when customers license and download items across multiple content types.

That’s why we’ve made some improvements to the search and discovery process for customers licensing video and audio content.

So, read on below to see the newest change we’ve released to help both customers and Authors succeed!


Huge news!! :tada:

Thanks so much @Kristinbrodie and the team for implementing this! I checked around a number of video items and it seems to work in most cases. This is a great start and from what we’ve seen on the forums will be tremendously helpful to customers, and will help drive further traffic to audio items.

I have to ask though – this won’t list items that are sold exclusively on AudioJungle, right? Are there any plans to close that gap in the future? Right now, the customer experience in those cases is still less than ideal (locating an ID number in the description, if it was even listed in the first place :sweat:).


That was really necessary! That s great! One more thing that it needs to be done: video addons (videohive) on elements


Great feature! Just a random thought - would it be possible or make sense to list the video templates that use it under each song?

Like if perhaps you like this one song, and are wondering what you could do with it - there could be a handful of openers, logo animations, etc that “work with it” for you to choose from or to give an idea of how it would look with some animations/graphics :thinking: :smiley:


That’s actually a pretty cool idea! A lot of video authors seem to choose the music for their previews very carefully and they usually work quite well together. But this could be tough to execute due to scale.

It’s not that uncommon for audio items to have hundreds of different video templates using them. In fact, I know of one song that has been used in over 1500 video items. Of course, the data that I have is for Market with its much larger catalog, but it may still be overwhelming to browse.


So basically, are you saying “screw audio from Audiojungle”?

Will AJ music used in those video template previews be finally properly credited, as is required as per Envato’s terms?

Or is this another blow to the vast majority of the audio community that is not part of Elements?

When you say “calling all audio authors, we got some exciting news” when 90% are excluded, is it to spite us? or did you not think it through? What’s going on here?

Having had to wait these too long years for this insult is infuriating!!



Wow, @Kristinbrodie! Great feature.

There must be a glitch or something, though, as many of my items are used in Elements video assets and none of them refers to my track. Weird, aint it?

Examples here:

There are more but I don’t want to bother. For a minute, I though this could be a malintentioned move to keep wiping out the markets from the map but I’m sure you guys are not like that, so I’m sure you’ll fix it shortly.

Eeeee… am I right, ain’t I? Pretty please, could you answer a non-Elements leper here? We exist too.

@KingDog @BenLeong @baileyherbert, anyone?

Thanks and have a great you y’all and this thriving community! :smiley: :sparkles:

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. In some ways, it sounds like an exciting development, but possibly only if (as an audio author) your previews are used in a lot of video previews. Will subscribers just start using the audio that is suggested/used in the previews instead of bothering to search, this worries me, when it’s difficult enough to be found in search anyway.

This is just the first of new improvements coming to search and discovery :grin:


Excited! :smiley:

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Last one and I’m out: will any of this improvements to S&D include AJ or any of the markets? A non-oracleish, plain language “yes or no” would be HUGELY appreciated by me and by many fellow authors, I think. :slight_smile:


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Yes we’ll be continuing to try and improve search and discovery all over. Getting the best files in front of customers makes good business sense :grin:

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Mmm, ok. That was quite Delfos indeed, but thx anyway.

May the bumblebee reach the snake’s tongue and only a blindfolded Lapitan become a Lion to his people.

Let’s take it as a hard no. Hahahah. Have a good one y’all.

This first iteration only supports audio available in the Elements library. The team explored including both libraries, but adding support for AudioJungle items would have pushed the initiative out of scope for this initial release.


This cross-library symbiotic relationship between video template and audio authors has existed and been encouraged for many years now on Market and the results have been overwhelmingly positive for authors in both categories, and also positively received by customers.

When video templates are uploaded, video authors who use AudioJungle music are required to provide the AJ item ID in a dedicated attribute, and are also required to provide a public-facing attribution link in their item description. It’s not quite as clean and standardized on Market as it now is on Elements, but attribution from video items to audio tracks can be found on almost all of the video templates published to VideoHive.

Video authors put a lot of thought into audio selection/pairing and its very common for a lot of customers to want to have access to the same audio that was used in the preview video. Those customers now have an easier path to access both assets with a lot less friction. There’s still going to be video customers that believe different music will be a better fit, and of course audio customers that do not originate in our video library at all.

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All video templates on Market which use AudioJungle music will have proper attribution in their item descriptions. Unfortunately Elements does not support rich descriptions, so there was no way for the attribution in VH item descriptions to be brought across cleanly. It was always something we wanted to fix, and the first iteration of the solution is what is being announced here. We’re exploring ways to extend this to support AudioJungle tracks unavailable on Elements, its just a bigger project and would have been too big in scope to include in this first release.

We’re also aiming invite more AudioJungle authors into Elements in the coming months.

Apologies that it took this long to roll this out, and didn’t include full attribution support across both libraries in the first stage. Thanks for bearing with us!!


About five years and still no satisfactory solution.

And yet the help section still say music has to be credited in plain text in the description. Though no one seems keen on enforcing this rule.

In the meantime our music has been used for years without proper credit, which is a breach of the agreement we have with Envato and with Video template authors, making it void. You are thus making those video authors, as well as the platform as a whole, infringe on our copyrights. This unacceptable situation should have been addressed a long long time ago.

Coming in after almost five years and say “sorry, this is too big a project to roll out, bear with us” just doesn’t cut it.


Let’s not be that harsh; making an HTML working link is one of the most ambicious human frontiers in all history. I’m sure they’re working very hard on it and soon we’ll see that breathtaking link that will change computer coding as we know it.


this goes right up to the top 10 most insulting answers to market authors. What a joke. Hope they pay u enough.

It is what it is.

P.S.: Almost every VideoHive item description contains the credits. You intentionally erase them when ported to Elements. Rock bottom ethics.

I hope these developments will not further reduce the income of authors. Because with every improvement, our income goes down even more!!! While I have twice as many projects in my portfolio compared to last year, I am now earning less than last year.