we need your advice befor Re-submission

Hello everyone.
After we get hard reject the last time, we have re-designed the theme and examined well.

This was the result


We urgently need your advice before re-submission

Looks good, couldn’t find find any faults. Hope this gets approved.

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Thank you webnesters.

I want to know if the typography and spacing is good or needs work.

What was the reason before?

I do not know the real reason for the rejection…

But after checking the theme again. I found several faults I correct them.

Now I want from who have experience. Show the demos and give their opinions.

  • It’s not bad but just reminds me of many many others already for sale here.

The typography esp. hierarchy could do with refining e.g.

  • the Oswald fonts are a bit harsh and detracts from the design

  • the post tags are a bit harsh and hard to read

  • post preview content and post copy line height is a bit wide

  • post quote italics are a bit too bold, widely spaced etc.

  • Facebook buttons on posts not showing like text

  • To us there is a lot going on and maybe it would work better stripped back a bit and refined/simplified. It is very easy currently to get lost on the page and make sit loo a bit too crammed

Hi thank you for contacting us.

Still has some problems with: white space, alignment, typography, iconography, color.

Not to confuse a section with another section dividers required and that the eyes take a breather, as it is necessary white space.

Typography necessary to improve and define that things are more important than others, in general the whole design is attracting attention and that makes doubt the time, “that article read first” Play a little with typography, sizes and weights in whole design.

Add hover effect on the link

The alignment errors still has to set an example the “home” icon and “search” are out of alignment from other content, and so there are several conflicts in the design margins and text content.

The iconography in the sidebar is beyond the design does not match need find a harmony in both color and size

The logo seems very simple, requires a more serious and catacter logo.

Images are permanently repetitive and confusing, I moved down and lose myself completely and the truth is not where I am.

On the other side and there is a demonstration similar to your content, it’s time to work hard and be more creative

In this segment (Magazine) can be difficult to be creative, but believe me when I said it’s not impossible.

Good luck with your submission

Best regards

Thank you very much for these tips
I will strive to follow

Thank you very much for your response to me
I work on improving the theme. drawing on your tips