Hard reject again.

I can’t understand, why my theme rejected. I don’t think it has a bad design. Why reviewer doesn’t explain why theme is rejected. Please explain me. I am working on this for 1 year. I think it’s not fair.

It got, setup wizard, demo importer and zero mistake. I want to help from authors.


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Design needs work, some fundamentals like spacing, alignment, font size, icon size, and in general the design doesn’t look premium enough. Work on that first, and then try again. Your backend work doesn’t have to go to waste.


It is an interesting concept, but it needs more polishing. Especially in the typography and spacing department. Take a break for few days and try to look at it with fresh set of eyes.

With all due respect but nobody cares how long you’ve been working on it. It is either good enough to be approved or not. It sounds harsh, but that’s how it is. There is a huge competition, everybody wants the piece of the pie.


That’ is true wpuzman the reviewer doesn’t explain why our work rejected. I think it’s not fair.


Thank you for response. Can you please advice some css example for “spacing, alignment, font size, icon size” i realy wonder.

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Yes you are right :slight_smile: i was angry when reject was fresh. Everybody says “typography, spacing etc.” I need a concrete sample. Can you provide it?

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Some examples i can see with a quick bird’s eye view:


  1. The category circle icons are missing a hover effect
  2. The solid icons in the menu dropdown don’t go with the template in my opinion
  3. Icons on the right of the navbar are missing a hover effect
  4. you’re using 3 or 4 different icon font families, try sticking with 2 to prevent losing the identity of your website
  5. pagination is missing a hover effect (Home 2 as reference)
  6. Sidebar widget titles look dated (The small thing after the titles doesn’t look good - in my opinion)
  7. Comment form in single blog post is incomplete (Name, email and website are not full width like the comment textarea) - Same goes for the contact page


  1. Sidebar social media links have no room to breath, would be better to have only 2 in a row
  2. Space between each sidebar widget is too little
  3. Spacing in blog posts is too little (between title, category, and post author) (Home 1 as reference)
  4. Breadcrumbs and title are to stuck together
  5. Spacing between sections in single blog post is inconsistent
  6. Spacing in the sidebar contact page

Alignment & fonts:

  1. Latest posts and the dropdown (preferably be aligned to the center)
  2. Font size for blog categories is too small

and you know I can go on and on. Like LSVRthemes said, take a few days break, try looking at your design again and asses yourself on your own mistakes. Sometimes coding can get us ahead of ourselves on thinking that we did a good job when actually we didn’t.

Best you can do now is study the market, and see the designs other authors have to offer and compare it to yours.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for detailed response. I will follow your suggestions. Is anyway to resubmit hard rejected theme after customizations?

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Unless the reviewers see a completely different product, then no, you can’t submit a previously hard rejected template.

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If you make substantial improvements then you can of course resubmit it. You got your basics right, you just need better attention to details. Make a screenshot of your current design and then later try to compare the updated version to it. If you see some serious improvements then you are on the good path. But just try to be realistic and don’t expect you can improve this in just a few days. Improvement like that takes time. Don’t rush it.

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Thank you so much. May i get your advices like @androThemes ?

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