WP Theme hard rejected! What's so wrong? Help me please, to not make these mistakes in the future...

My wordpress theme was hard rejected.As i understand there is no reason to change anything here, they wouldn’t accept it anymore.
This is a part of message from reviewer:

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Bakery” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Authors, could you please take a look on it?
What are my main mistakes? What should i do better in my next items?

My theme: http://dianascupcakes.byethost5.com/

Does it make sence to improve something in this theme, or i should forget about it forever? :wink:

I can only see it on mobile for now but you have a lot of issues there.

  • several elements are broken on mobile with spacing, alignment and padding.

  • avoidable validation issues generally

  • typography needs completely rethinking

  • it’s clear that the features, pages etc lack originality, uniqueness or premium value in what’s a very crowded category

Thanks a lot for wasting time with me. For sure i’ll take all this in consideration for the next items…

It’s not about wasting time.

Looking on a desktop…

  • The site is very slow to load. Where are you hosting this? IS it one of the free hosts?

  • Typography really needs a lot of work esp font choices, line heights and hierarchy.

  • Copy is cropped in product description

  • Blog needs categories, post types, different formats

  • Generally there needs to be a lot moire too the site, features, elements, pages, layouts etc.

  • The fundamental design bits like spacing, alignment, esp. type and hierarchy, margins etc. all need attention

  • The design feels a bit outdated and could do with modernising

Thanks again!
Yes i’m using a free host.
This is my first theme. Now i see, i have to take some design lessons :slight_smile:
Your feedback is very usefull, i’ll try to do the best in the next theme…
“Per aspera ad astra” :wink:

Best regards.