We Change.

Dear Friends, Dear Customers, Dear Staff Members!

Time has gone by and we decided that we need some change. Our commitment to AudioJungle and the quality of our work, as the prince range we work with, will remain the same.

If we can help the community, the customers, we will do as we have done before. :blush:

This was a hard step to take, and the changes are still going on, but HoneyLoud is part of AudioJungle for 4 years now, and since we joined this beautiful community, we have learned a lot.

We learned that sometimes you need to say goodbye to your initial plans and retry, remake, reshape your ideas to survive.
It’s hard to be an author in these times when the world is such a mess, so we are happy to make a living of our passion.

Thank you, Envato for the opportunity, thanks a lot AudioJungle Community for being so great, and thanks to those customers who are still supporting authors here, when there are so many subscription services they are free to choose from. :pray: :clap: :clap:

Good luck people, keep up the hard work, don’t wait for organic sales, work on your portfolio, work on your marketing, and once your effort will be paid off. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:




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Hope you guys the best of luck with this change! :four_leaf_clover:

Are you changing name and visual profile or also your exclusivity mode, upload rate and other stuff?

You’re awesome! Congrats on your decision!


Hey, @WormwoodMusic,

Thanks, we don’t change also our exclusivity mode, not yet… until we can eat from our earnings. :slight_smile:

We try to remain within the same upload rate, but our main goal is to maximize our marketing efforts outside of the Jungle to decrease our upload rate so we could increase the quality of our portfolio.


I wonder if the new name will greatly affect sales or not. If there are any changes, write to us here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great decision and I wish the best of luck with this new change.
Are you going to advertise more, optimise seo or promote on Youtube?

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Good Luck!

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Thanks, we will advertise more and optimize SEO on our item pages, and we will try how Funnels could work with AudioJungle. We tried to advertise via YouTube, but we had a lack of knowledge, and we did not have anyone near us to hire to teach us how to do with YouTube. So now we will give it a try for Facebook.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey, @SergioProductions. Alright. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Good luck…:crossed_fingers::clap:

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Good Luck!

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@J-FG, @ambientnoisemusic Thanks, guys!! :blush:

Hi! What are the sales for the month of September? The same as with the old name and avatar?

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Hey @SergioProductions , did not want to make you wait. Things are speeding up around us, and it’s hard to keep up with everything without a team. So, sorry for the late answer!

Sales in September were very concerning. Even though that we put effort into advertising, we arrived at a point where we just did not make enough to eat.

I don’t think this has anything to do with our avatar or name. I think the market is changing, people are making different buying decisions than in the past.

We also have to do the same. I will keep you guys updated in a longer post, and I will share our experiences, I will answer any question you might have, but I can’t promise that I will do it fast.


Hello @FindCoolMusic! Thanks for the answer! Keep us posted!
Good sales to all of us!!! :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:

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Most recently, on the 15th, the band and I performed on the “Maxtone” stage.
Yes, with the dense onslaught of drive and the unbridled energy of live sound, we had a great time! The hall was packed with people who like what you’re doing, they were blown away:) That’s cool! :fire:

When we finished the performance, I thought we were changing for the better! :notes: :studio_microphone: :art:


Cool, what’s the band name?

Thank you for your interest @CWMusic. At the moment we are gradually recording in various studios and we are planning to record an album. But for now, I would not want to advertise the title before the release of our first album. :stuck_out_tongue: :handshake:

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