Guys, need review of my track!



Hi there! This track has been selling since 20 February and still has 0 sells. Where is a mistake? The previous name was Dreamy. I’ll appreciate any kind of help!


Hey, @Turpak!
Here is Lilla from HoneyLoud. My experience is the next: we had an item with no sales for 3 months. During that 3 month I changed the name for 3 times. The 1st two changes were unsuccessful. The 3rd was successful, after that we sold that track two times… But some items are seasonal. I don’t know exactly when is the season for piano tracks because we started to use AJ in October, but I’m a musical trend researcher and I think they selling well in the end of spring when the wedding season starting out and they end to sell autumn. We have the same problem with our piano item, but we needed to upload something fast because of our traffic :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
So what I think that you can do is another name change and waiting for the wedding season.
I hope my advice was helpful. :sunny:

Lilla from Team HoneyLoud


Lilla, thanks for your advice! You said right stuff, and I totally agree with you. Will try some name changes and wait for wedding season! Good luck to you and your teammates!
With best regards, Ivan.


Correlation does not imply causation. You can’t be sure that those sales were caused by the name change. Actually, in my opinion it’s pretty unlikely.


Maybe you have different experiences than me. For us is working but everybody is doing how she/he wants !


I got sales changing the name! Now maybe it’s to music for sport: rock and percussion.


mmmmh… very good track! maybe the name of the track is the main issue. When I read “sad piano” I’m expecting for example a minor tone… plenty of dynamics, low… somber… instead your track is hopeful, bright and steady in rhythm… the octaved piano helps to increase positive and optimistic feelings. In 1:20 you are increasing volume and this helps me to grow with music. Congratulations and thank you for transmitting hopeful feelings ! :smiley:
My title for this track would be “sentimental calm hopeful piano” :slight_smile:


The name was changed from “dreamy” just couple days ago. Your suggestion is very useful. Sometime you can’t choose proper name because you don’t see your work from the distance. Thank for your advice!


Guys, thanks for your support. Today this track made it first sale=) :tada::fire::confetti_ball: Now it called Sentimental Hopeful Piano!:ghost: Special thanks to @HoneyLoud, and @MusicLFiles:champagne::clinking_glasses: :champagne:


Haha… congrats! life is magic! :smiley:


Congrats: slight_smile: Actually, this happened to us yesterday :smiley: Our piano track made its first sale :hugs: So high five Guys :smile:


My congratulations! :sparkles:Good news!:boom: Maybe wedding season is started?:grinning: I like piano and going to move in this way…


Maybe yes the wedding season started, and the sun is up so everything is great :slight_smile:
But now I need your review if you can help me, please. So Team HoneyLoud is two people: me, how I wrote before, and my love, Gergő. He is the composer. He composing every track in our portfolio as this track and I think this track is ok… Well, I’m not a musician as you Guys, you hear better than me, but I listen many music daily and I don’t think that this is composed shitty… But I don’t know what to do with this track… What do you think about? We uploaded 9 days ago… The other indie folk tracks sold from the first day when they appeared… So I’m a bit confused now…
Thank you, Guys :slight_smile:


First of all - this is good outstanding composition that give you feeling of freedom, flight and uplifting. But it has some issues(in my opinion)
First 18sec everything is fine. 0:19 second - piano and claps are coming and bring to much syncopation into this track. Claps are going a little bit faster than necessary(or a little bit out of pulse sometimes). And piano must be more straight in rythm. (it is hard to combine two different syncopations rythms)
At 0:35 entered more instruments. I think - electric guitar solo should be used in the next part instead of this (0:50 started)
At 1:07 I hear some rythmical problems. At 1:23 kick is moving out of pulse.
I think this issues can be corrected within one day. Also i recommend using no more two-three words in the starting of sales. 4-7 words name can be used when your item get trend and many views/sells.
Good luck to you, guys!:ghost:


Well, thanks for your advice! I will let him know about your opinion. The title… Yeah, we started with two word title, then I tried with one track if sold better with maximum 5 words. And after that our sellings became much better so I changed to this naming method. But the other experience is about the genre… When we uploaded something popular like corporate, and I used two word title, did not get any views. So I don’t know I have to try with 3 words, that is the next step and see than what happened.

Thank you very much! :guitar::guitar::guitar:


There is a little trick. You need to use the same keywords in title, description (with < strong > tag) and tags. And check your keywords separately via bestmuch search. Some time bestmuch show you bestsellers, instead off “hot” new track. Check out “inspiring” keyword for example.