Watermarks vor VH previews?

Hello fellow authors.I am trying to find my way back after a long,long time away.My last uploaded template was more than 9 years ago and i am very exited be part of Envato and one of you again.After all the reason to leave was not by my choice back then,which makes this moment even greater for me!
i have a question though and i hope you can bring some light here because im confused.
I uploaded my first project and i got soft rejection for something minor i forgot,not a big deal at all,my mistake.But the other thing was a request for adding watermark to my preview.

“Please be aware we have updated our watermarks. You can find the new Envato watermark on the Help Center here. This means that all new item submissions and resubmissions from the the 14th of March onwards will need to use the new watermark in the preview. Items submitted using the old watermark, may be rejected.”

The thing is that i went through so many project previews back to 14th March,including the projects approved today and don’t see even one preview with watermark.I hope someone can
let me know if i don’t understood this right.But for now i don’t see why when non-watermarked previews can cose rejections,there are still new projects coming out without.

Thank you in advance!
kind regards,
Plamen Cvetanov.

Hi. Maybe the soft rejection was because of the first small mistake you mentioned and not because of the watermark. That’s why you find approved projects without watermark and there are new projects accepted with no watermark. Focus on your first mistake I think. Anyway, you can get the updated watermarks on the Help Center and use them for your video previews.
Good Luck! :+1:

Hi.Actually i ihave fixed the mistake and resubmited with new preview,this time with watermark minutes after i got the soft rejection with this message in it.On this time i have upload it already with watermark,but the thing that i don’t see any other watermarked previews stays.Im really confused.Not sure what should i do with my next project.It will be nice if someone can say something about that officialy.

Perhaps you should write to Envato Support about this, to receive an official answer.

Motion Graphics and Stock footage previews require watermarks (although they’re usually added automatically as most people are using the new uploader now) but After Effects Project previews do not.

Well,exactly.I knew that and its not stock fotage or motion graphics item.It is logo reveal animation,After Effects project.Not even images or videos are used for the preview.Today it was approved,with the watermarked preview.Along with other authors new projects,but without watermarked previews.

Hi, this part of the rejection message you can ignore. This text is automatically added to every rejection mail since 2016 when they introduced the new watermarks. It looks like nobody knows how to remove this paragraph, so it just is there in every single soft and hard rejection email.

Your soft rejection was not because of the watermark, but because of the other mistake you mentioned. (That part was written manually by the reviewer)