Wanted: Complete Craigslist parody website, based on existing script or template

a) Have you made a template or website based on any major CMS for a blog, that rather looks like Craigslist? It’s not for others to post items or buy/sell/trade things: just looks like Craiglist. But functions like a blog.

b) Do you make at least $50k U.S. a year coding?

c) Do you have a business license, or something else that persuades me this creation will work in a few years?

Hoping one of you has something already up and running that can meet my specs: I’m only offering a few hundred bucks, so it’s not worth someone’s time to build it from scratch.

So in your first communication, include one website you’ve made that MOST matches what I’ve outlined, not just a list of websites you’ve done. Just one, thanks!

Finally, not interested in unsubstantiated claims that you can do this. There are many Craigslist clones already: looking for one that is already working, that you built, so we have no surprises.

This is therefore something you’ve already done, that you’re tweaking for me.

I’m jaded, with a heavy tech background, and lots of lost money from broken promises by frauds. So no games, boys and girls. Just links to stuff you’ve built that suits the bill so we can get started.

: )

No wonder you have lost lots of money as you made your mind to offer a few hundred bucks. Quality work comes at a price, if you offer just a few hundred bucks, you will always get broken promises.


I totally agree with you.

This is really the problem is you guys not getting the word EXISTING. It’s in the description, and rather important.

Because I am a respectful person, I am eager to find someone who already has this up and running, and will tweak it to my specs for some money.

Because I am not a narcissist, I refuse to pay more than a few hundred dollars for my BLOG, when I can continue to use several existing formats for free.

Make sense now?