Calling all Wordpress Authors! (And HTML/PSD dudes and dudettes)



After several years of thinking, I’ve finally come up with a great idea for an After Effects template. Better late than never! There’s nothing really that similar on VideoHive, and I think it could do really well, if done right.

It relies on lots of website content though, i.e. mockup images of different pages from one or more websites. The same kind of images that you’ll have used for your live previews and the like. I could use VideoHive itself, but as much as I love the site, there’s some really great looking WordPress sites on Themeforest. Or it could be still images taken from an HTML or PSD template.

I don’t want to share too much info here (as some better AE wizard might come along and pip me to the post!), but if people could express potential interest in helping out, and then I’ll contact author’s individually if they have a site I’d like to use, explain what I’m planning, and then they can say yay or nay. Expressing initial interest here obviously doesn’t obligate you to do anything until you’ve been given more info.

Obviously I’d link to your item in the description, my preview video would essentially be an advert for your item, and you can even whip up a small banner which I can embed in the description as well… might drive a few sales in your direction if it’s a good seller.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but would ideally be looking for an item that sells well and is clean/modern/stylish etc. All that good stuff!