Suggestions please - I need to produce something that can make quick sales

Hello, I need to produce something that can make quick sales (PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS) and it should be so simple. What do you suggest please? I am in need for urgent cash, I don’t want to take a loan. Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I also don’t like loans, but making easy simple themes usually takes up to 3-6 months. This is unfair I think :laughing:

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Thanks @fireform for participating :slightly_smiling: Actually you are right if you start everything from scratch, but for me, I write libraries that can replace the Jquery and I have passion to produce simple useful things, but am confused, I submitted an uploader yesterday and I need to produce more to make some income quickly.

so funny :smiley: absurdly funny…

I hope you do understand that what you are asking is just naive. Why would anyone tell you how to make quick sales ? especially when that is not possible and requires a lot of work and ideas. I have been working on a template for 2 years… and not finished yet :smiley: everyone would just jump in and make quick items with huge sales. That is not possible. Go gambling then


Thanks for passing by @cyzer :smiley:

What @cyzer said. I mean, if anyone here had an idea to make a quick selling item, they wouldnt give it to you. They would just make that item.

With all due respect rushing, then focusing on quick earning and assuming it is easy are just about the top three worst possible things you can do to be successful here.

Have you got a demo of the file you submitted?

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Thanks @charlie4282, actually it is not about rushing or focusing on quick earning, but sometimes some simple things can get trending and exposures. You sometimes don’t expect. And the quality is my main concern :slightly_smiling:

Regarding your question, yes I have a demo URL but till now I didn’t get the Envato feedback as I submitted yesterday the work and I am afraid it will be against the polices if I post it here, right?

No you can share the demo here - it is only not allowed when you share a direct link to an item already for sale on the marketplaces.

Might be worth sharing the demo and getting feedback while it is in review especially when you have people of @fireform 's expertise and experience commenting

Thanks for letting me know @charlie4282. Okey, here is the URL for the Dynamic Multi-Language Photo Uploader. I would appreciate your feedback:, after the features section, you can try it out :slightly_smiling:

Well, if you’re really looking for ideas, then why not try your hands on NodeJS? There are a lot of PHP applications around, but there are very few nodejs apps. You can probably take a look around what sells in PHP and then try making a NodeJS version. Sometimes the result can be better in NodeJS. Good luck m8!

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Thanks a lot bro @JaskoKoyn for this valuable feedback! I already used the Node.js in real-time in long-polling before and I will think about something interesting. I will see. Appreciate your help.

It looks ok but I think you may have issues with the demo not being aesthetically pleasing enough for CodeCanyon (it shouldn’t be relevant compared to the code of the item itself but it is all part of the package).

At a quick glance I don’t see any other upload scripts like this which could be good for you or it could be that it is not advanced enough for the marketplace. Does the file do anything else other than upload and watermark?

Again with the best will in the world you will need to come up with something bigger and better if you really want to earn. Even if this is the only one like it on CC I can;t see it being valued at more than $10 based on other similarly files and appeal is restricted to non CMS users.

Thanks a lot @charlie4282 for your valuable feedback and support, it is greatly appreciated. Actually regarding the interface, I wanted it to be simple as I saw some other products used same layout. I never known before that I can sell my codes :frowning: that’s why I am very late.

Regarding the complexity, in my opinion, it is not simple as the user can custom everything easily as I provided many custom parameters from the JOSN initialization object. But sure I will scale up this product step by step, like I will add drag and drop feature, crop per preview, rotation, animation, etc. But first, I need to see how things go.

Thanks once again for taking a time to have a look :slightly_smiling:

Good luck with the submission

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Create a plugin which creates other plugins by itself those make quick cash.

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Thanks a lot @Burnhambox, such a great idea but it requires huge effort and time - unfortunately.

I am more into simple plugins that can be sold cheap for large number of people. I am thinking and thinking all the time :slight_smile: