"craigslist" style template wanted ?

Morning all :slight_smile:
Am hoping there is someone here that can assist with my problem. I’ve purchased two templates for my website, but both have failed in a couple of aspects. One important one is the reply to adverts system, it just doesn’t seem to be working at all. What we are after is a reply system that doesn’t show the email address of the advertiser, but anyone who want to contact the advertiser, can do so without email being shown?
Not explaining it well sorry, but I’m sure there is a template or theme that is suitable for our purpose??
The other part that is causing problems is the geo location system,
If anyone can suggest a great template or theme that we can use that will give us a clone I guess of the “craigslist” type site, it would be appreciated as this is dragging on and causing a few headaches for the developer.
Cheers and hoe to hear soon.

I don’t think you’d be able to find it but I could code it. In case of a custom work, feel free to contact