want to transfer license to a different

Hi there.

**Writing about Wookie Theme

originally installed on shopify store:


I want to transfer license to a different / new Shopify account:

and stop using on the old shopify site https://wassimismail1980.myshopify.com//

  • I tried removing all installed wookie themes from old store:
  • and install in new store, but it won’t let me,
    • says already used, even though i deleted theme from old store.

How do I transfer theme?


You should deactivate your license on your old domain and then delete the theme, after it you can use your license again.
If you deleted all data and didn’t deactivate license before it, it would be better to contact theme author and ask for permission, actually the author will take a decision in a such situation.
Here is a small article how you can contact the author How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center