Shopify Domain 1 License

Hi, i just purchased this theme for my shop on SHOPIFY:
It said i can use my theme just with 1 domain, but im doing my Shop with domain, but when i finish it i want to TRANSFER other domain to my store.
Sorry for my bad english, dont know if u understand me.
I mean, i bought this theme to use with my store in shopify but now now im not use the final domain, until i finish my store.


You can deactivate your previous domain license and active on new domain still do you need help you can contact with your purchase item author @p-themes right here as a comments

Hope they will helped!

Hi @unlockdesign ,
Thanks a lot for your fast answer :heart:

First, sorry for my bad english, but this is what i understood you.

I can activate the wookie theme in this moment with this domain: and make and customize all my stuff how i want my page.

When i going to transfer my domain to the page already finished, i have to tell you to deactivate and when the domain is transferred successfully, you actived the theme again?


I think if your customization is ready then you can transfer to use that hope will no problem in that case i said to you contact with your purchase item author they can help you best.

Ok, thanks a lot, i will ask to the support.
:+1:t4: :v:t4: :crossed_fingers:t4: