Visual Composer not working


Hi I just purchased the newest visual composer plug in and for some reason it does not work. I get a few tabs on my admin bar that were not there before but when i go to a post or page there are no front or back end editing buttons from which to work with. I am using the x theme and had wp bakeries visual editor installed prior to this. The back end editor button shows up when i activate the old WP Bakery VC but if i switch to this new one that i just payed 30 bucks for i get nothing. I have tried deactivating all plugins to determine if any were conflicting but they werent. I tried the new VC with a different more basic theme and still not working. I also tried re-installing WP its self with no success. The weird thing is when i downloaded the plug in i was never prompted to give my purchase code. I tried and there is nowhere for me to input the info. Can someone please help me out? I tried creating support tickets with both envato and the plug in developer last night and STILL havent heard anything which sucks because this is my full time job. Any help would really be very appreciated.


Hello. Have you tried clicking on that item’s support tab? It can be found here.

Please follow the instructions provided in the link above to interact directly with the author, where they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks! :slight_smile: