Installed New Version of Visual Composer & Now No Content Appears on Front End

I updated the version of Visual Composer because the drop-down menus to select items like H1, H2, etc., were not working. Now, those are working, but I can’t see any of the content contained in the back-end on the front-end. I have also updated the Jupiter theme today (8/10/) hoping that would fix things, but still nothing.

I’ve contacted WP Bakery Support 3 days ago and I still haven’t heard back. Can someone please help? I need to get this fixed ASAP.

Hello :smiley:

Did you contact @wpbakery through their support page here? -

That will be the best place to contact them. I’m sure they will be back to you soon.


Yes, I did and they just finally got back to me.

The issue is because the older visual composer was modified by the theme author by customizing the existing elements and adding the new one’s. Now when you updated it, the customization made by the theme author was lost which causes the issue. You can check it with the theme author if there is any way to preserve the customization done by him with the latest version, so that such an issue can be avoided at your end.

So, now I’m at a loss b/c the version that came with the theme wasn’t working properly for other reasons. Ugh!

Ahh the plugin was bundled with a theme. You’ll want to reach out to the author of that theme.

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