Visual Composer for an agency


I’m working with a agency who need the Visual Composer plugin for all their websites but they don’t appear to offer multi-license options. Purchasing a regular license individually for each one won’t be cost effective, and the management will be an issue. Any ideas?

Hi there,

The idea is simple, you need to purchase a Visual Composer regular license for each website where you want to use it.


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Any particular reason they are dead set on VC? Pretty much any other Page Builder out there is developer friendly. Perhaps you can at least try to convince them so.

@ChipmunkDesign is it the VC plugin they need (as @ThemeSLR already pointed out the license here says 1 license per website) or is it that they are using VC as the part of themeforest themes for clients?

They’re open to alternatives, provided it’s as flexible as visual composer in terms of plugins etc as they have some specific requirements with regards to woocommerce.

Beaver Builder and Elementor seem good. Open to any other options?

Very few other builders are as versatile as VC in terms of existing add-ons etc. That said this doesn’ make them any less effective or lower quality.

Besides adding plugins to an already heavyweight plugin is not exactly ideal practice and surely as an agency, they could custom develop scripts or extensions as needed?

One major consideration is if they are using TF themes rather than being able to custom develop their own then they would definitely want to go down the correct route of using each copy of the plugin per website because quite often bundled versions have been modified in some way and if they are not comfortable creating custom plugins for bespoke requirements then modifying the core plugin is probably not a good idea

Yes VC would still be preferable.

Basically we have a CMS and we sell that CMS to multiple clients like a themeforest theme only our CMS won’t be available on themeforest. So I’m wondering whether we can still get an Extended license with the option of an instock license add on or not.