Virus when downloading a few themes?

Hi everyone,

Is anyone else having this happen?? I have tried to download 2 different themes just now and they are being blocked from being downloaded by my computer (which just has the newest version of windows defender on it…) and it is saying failed virus found? I am using google chrome browser? I downloaded 4 themes and 2 of them where stopped from this?

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Windows Defender is notorious for false positives. If you disable Defender, download the file, re-enable Defender, and then manually scan the zip file, it doesn’t detect it as infected. If you’re still concerned, you can Contact Support and they’ll have the file re-checked.


Hi! I first hear this for 2 years, very strange , but as advised by @mgscoder above, use the support ticket. They help you.

Yeah it is very odd? I have been an active member of themeforest for over 8 years and have never had this happen? If either one of you happen to have the Jupiter theme that is happening on that one?

this is the virus it is quarantining TrojanDownloader:JS/Jasobfus.B!ml

What it claimed it found in your case was a “trojan downloader” in the form of a JavaScript file, rather than a trojan itself. Not only is this a common false positive in many anti-viruses, but in a browser environment, such a thing (if it were true) is impossible.

Have you fond that when you manually scan the zip file? if yes please contact Support, support link mentioned my above reply.

Maybe you should first try to clean your computer from viruses? Or reinstall the operating system? Have you tried to download these 2 files from another computer?

I have already done a full check and thankfully my computer does not have any viruses on it :slight_smile: I am able to download multiple other themes and plugins that I have bought from them just now without this issue popping up… it is just a couple of them?

Okay that is good news :slight_smile:

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Experiencing the same issue. It was my reason for navigating to the forum. Were you able to download the themes initially causing the issue?

Thank you!