Malware in theme? Indoor Plants | Houseplants store & Gardening WordPress Theme

I recently downloaded an updated version of my theme, to upload to the server and when I opened the zip file Windows 10 Antivirus blocked it, and when I read the history it marked as a trojan downloader


May be their servers were hacked and the code changed and they are spreading malware? or just a false positive?

BTW the file inside the zip is:>indoor-plants/plugins/vc-extensions-bundle/>vc-extensions-bundle/parallax/js/modernizr.js

I ran that zip over virustotal, and has 0 results:

Windows Defender is notorious for false positives. Furthermore, it is literally impossible for a JavaScript file (designed to be ran in the browser) to be a “trojan downloader”.

If VirusTotal said it’s not infected, then you can safely ignore it. I’d recommend sending the file as a sample to Microsoft, if you can, so they can fix it.


Oh thats a good idea, send it to MS.



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

My opinion is turn off Windows defender until installation.
hope everything will be fine.

Yes, I added the file to exception list. and uploaded to the server and its everything fine.

Wasn’t a problem with the installation but more a concern but then I realized that is a false positive