Videoplatform-template like Netflix

Hi there,

I’m searching for a videoplatform just as or in terms of functionality.
We will be making our own content and want to stream this on the platform.
People will need to take a subscription before they can see the content.
The videoplayer will be customized and not Youtube-embedded.
And how does this work with the licence if we have for example 100 subscribers?

Is there a videotemplate with these features available in Envato or maybe somewhere else?

I hope someone can help me.

All the best.

Bjorn Smeets

You won’t find a stock version of a multi-million $ website.

There are themes like amd you could build the subscription functionality BUT this is far cry form Netflix and if it’s your own video especially with 100+ users you will need dedicated hosting and security which will be hundreds if not thousands of $ a month

Thanks for your response.

[The live preview]

doesn’t seem to work.

Try this one

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This has membership too

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