movie Rental wordpress themes needed

please, i am new on this forum, so i dont know how to go about this.
i need a wordpress theme that can allow people pay for a movie and stream that movie,where by the user can only stream the movie for like 3-5 days.
i have been seeing some subscription set up of themes but i dont want that.
i need a theme like v u d u . c . o . m

How is the movie being streamed? Via a 3rd party service or via our website?

we plan to either upload movies on our platform or we upload on 3rd party and embed on the view page which will apply after payment is comfirmed

Streaming via your webiste would require serious investment in the platform servers, hosting. etc.

Via a 3rd party is defintiely a more cost effective way to do it but then you need to make sure that you can play their content on your site (it may well not be that easy)

I would focus on working that out first then have a look at these items some of which are basically what you are talking about out of the box such as this one.

we are planing to upload video on youtube, put the video to private but these movies are movies we have permissions to upload.
so what i need is script that sells movies like sellinb digital items after payment they are able to stream from the embed youtube video we put on our website

another change we having is , this themes here allow users to come in as subscribers, we dont want that, we want it in a way that when you pay for a movie you have access to that movie for 3 days ,$1 per movie and you can watch for only 3 days

It sounds like something which you are going to need to custom build.

Might be worth looking on for a freelancer or speak to one of the authors of those items links above about customising their item (as it’s half way there already)

You also need to make sure that, regardless of upload permissions, that there is no probem with YouTube and monetising their paltform indirectly

do you have an idea how much that would cost?

The subscription part is not that hard but there is quite a bit more to it as a complete project.

  • from scratch - a lot
  • upgrades to an existing item - you would need to check with the authors.

YouTube videos would be way easier - I am almost certain that it would violate YouTube’s terms to rely on their platform as a way to circumnavigate the streaming challenge

That said there are some tutorial type sites which use YT video and under YouTube premium and TV they have subscriptions and similar features. I would strongly advise reaching out to YouTube and checking if you can do this as it would completely change how you should approach it