Can someone recommend a WP theme?

I have a video course that I want to sell and I want to create a wp website around it, and I am looking to buy a theme that has the following features built it:

Subscription with Paypal
Members area with different member categories - I am planning to display the content depending on what subscription a certain member has (example 3 videos for basic, 10 for gold, 20 for platinum)
Forum (available only for members)
Affiliate (people can get a link and sell my course for a commission)

And I want members to be able to upgrade the membership.

Any ideas ?

Hey There,

Yes you can build something like that, but you would need to have all those options as plugins and combine them together, to make it work properly.

Let me us know if you need anything else

Hi !

Thanks for such a quick reply. Can you recommend some plugins (paid or free) that do this? There are so many out there. I’ve seen plugins that handle the subscription/members area part but I am not sure in regards to what is compatible with what and I wouldn’t want to mess it up :smiley:

Do I need to use an e-commerce theme?

Bear in mind if you are using a theme from here and charging people to use the site e.g. Subscriptions then you need an extended license which is considerably more than the regular one

That’s fine by me. But that’s exactly why I’ve asked for help, because I want to make sure I purchase everything right from the start :smiley:


What I can suggest is Restrct Content Pro of Easy Digital Downloads Subscriptions.
Those to are the best rock solid for what you aim to do.

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Hi. Problem is, I don’t want them to be able to download the videos - just watch them on the website - the reason for this is that I wouldn’t want people to re-upload those somewhere else…or re-sell them

Yeap, that can be done, simple see them online, nothing else :slight_smile: