Help to buy my first pro theme...Which !?

Hello everyone!
I have very little experience with Wordpress, I used some free themes
and now I’m looking for a professional theme to do the following:

Site Purpose:
1.) Photographic site (mainly):
2.) Blog where I talk about photography and other topics (mostly with articles and videos)
3.) Private section of the site where my customers can download their photos
4.) Private section of the blog (or second blog) accessible only for registered users where I share material (photos, videos, and other files)

Features and features I want:
1.) Mobile friendly
2.) Forms to be filled out for customer feedback
3.) Forms to be filled out for the gathering of students opinions of my photography courses
4.) Interfaced with social media (to publish to and from social)
5.) I would like a user to log on to my site via social account (facebook, g +, Twitter etc …) (it is not of primary importance)

I have already looked carefully (I hope) among the premium themes and here you can see a selection I saved.

which is best for my needs?
if you want to advise others, I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:

The problem is I’m not very experienced, I do not want to risk buying an inappropriate theme and perhaps discarding the right one.

Is there anyone who can help me to figure out which theme can go best?
I would not risk even having to add a thousand plug-ins to a theme bought by mistake, while maybe one already had “all” the functions I need.

I hope I was clear

Thank you very much for helping

I doubt you will find all of that out of the box - it’s not especially difficult requests but almost certainly you will need either extra plugins or development to achieve it all.

There are numerous themes that could help with a lot of it - interestingly in your list is Foundry which is via @tommusrhodus who also has some interesting photography dedicated themes.

To be fair though just about any of the big and popular multi-purpose themes could do a lot of what you want.

If you’re willing to hire a developer, I’m interested in to help you


You are make rocket science from buying template. You will install plugins in any case because you will not find template which will suite 100% to your needs. So you will need install plugins not thousands maybe 5 - 10 …

Thank you all for your answers!
is the first time I buy a theme … there are a lot of them, with as many features, I did not want to make a totally wrong purchase.

However, your replies confirmed what I was thinking, the themes I picked are all good, more or less, and no matter what I choose, I’ll have to use some extra plugins.

I still have a question …
Based on your experience, what budget should I expect (more or less) to buy theme + plugins. (I immediately thought about 50/60 $ for the theme and then 2 or 3 free plugins … but something tells me that I was underestimating the thing :-))

Before buying you need to check how often is developer give updates , is he respond every few months to comments. If they use premium plugins you will not get regularly updates for that plugins only when template have updates maybe you will get updates for that plugins.
And of course you don’t have support for that plugins what you have got with template.
It is better to buy that plugin separately that you have regular updates and support.
And most important if you don’t know what are you doing hire someone to make your site it will be faster and easier and site will look better.

ok thanks Zaccc,
I will evaluate your advice :+1: