Subscription Video Platfform

Hello. I am looking for a subscription-based website that is focused on videos.

I would like to host content on Vimeo, give people a 30-second preview and then charge to continue watching the content.

Does anyone know if anything like this is available, ideally I would like to use a CMS that isn’t WordPress.


You will need to have private Vimeochannel and that is extra pay. If you have regular channel which is public everyone will find your videos over Google.

I already pay for Vimeo Pro, I plan to hide the videos from Vimeo,
customise the player and embed them into a pay to view website.

Do you have any ideas for any Joomla or drupel templates out there?

Thanks for your help,

I made sites only in Wordpress I don’t work with Joomla and Drupal.