VideoHivers where are you?

Yes I know this will get better in time and needs some getting used to… BUT I am totally lost in these new forums! It’s a big change and I don’t like the fact that every marketplace is now thrown together into one big pile. As a Motion Designer and VideoHiver I don’t really care for ThemeForest/AudioJungle related topics. No offense but I reckon most of the authors of other marketplaces also don’t care for VideoHive related topics either. Are there any filters we can enable by default to not show forum topics by certain marketplaces?

Also there is no more direct link back to the marketplaces from these forums?

Bringing the community together is a great ideal but I don’t think it will work out for many authors. You’re mixing people with all different interests in entirely different topics and hope they can sort it out themselves by using tags. It’s like putting people from seven widely different religions in one room and see what happens. Not really sure if this is a great idea.

Anyway, it might be too early to be complaining like this and all may work out in the end… but are any of you VideoHivers still here?

Oh and happy birthday Envato :smile:


Just look under the video forum… pretty easy dude.

Thanks for stating the obvious but that wasn’t really my point :smile:

When I visit by clicking the Forum link from the website I want to see VideoHive related stuff only on that page. Not wanting to click on tags and filters and all that before getting to where I want to be. Is there a setting in the forums where you automatically enable something like that? To never show Wordpress tags in my feed for example. Or to only show VideoHive related topics without having to click on tags? Yeah sure I could go to every time but the the Forum link from the VideoHive website doesn’t automatically take me there and I don’t feel like have to type in the address every time. So what I am trying to see is that there is no more dynamic link between the forums and the marketplaces. And that really annoys me.

How to go back to VideoHive from this page? There’s not direct link to the marketplaces anymore or is there?


We will definitely have hard to to get used to this. But, but…community meta piercing my eyes, as well as rooftop and all other fancy names, which i haven’t figured out yet.
Good point there Motionvids, direct link to the market place is missing and as for getting back i guess you just have to use “back” from your browser :smile:
Do’h, how one can make topic related only to Videohive for example?
Once forum page is open and if i choose new topic i have options to choose between tips&tricks, community meta, shop talk and few more. Which one is for Videohive, so only videohiver’s can see it?

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Open the forum link in a new tab to avoid the problem of going back to videohive!

It looks like there is a tag for each marketplace, so you can decide to read or write in a specific area or all of them with a couple of clicks.



Unfortunately there is no category that belongs to specific marketplace, but you can use tags (“video” tag for Videohive).

I’m here. Yep, it’ll take a bit of getting used to. It remains to be seen how the cross-fertilisation between the marketplaces works out. That is surely the intention. My feeling is that the forums overall feel a bit detached from the market place right now - both visually and navigation-wise.


Hi guys!
I agree with Code Sensei, but I think we will get used to the new forum, if there are no plans to bring everything back.

I’m here! I think.

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I already opened a new topic to “complain” about the situation - I haven’t even noticed your topic until now.

I respect the idea behind all this mess - to join us all. But my opinion is that majority will suffer for the benefit of those few who might want to participate across multiple creative areas.

What I miss is the option to completely disable/block certain tags by default, instead of filtering manually to a single tag/category.

Also, when you browse by tag, you still miss all the untagged posts, which includes important Envato announcements,among others…

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Exactly my thoughts! Well we might see a couple of updates to the forums to add features like these, but that may take months. I think I’ll be taking a break from the forums for a while and get back later to see if anything has changed.

Hey guys insert a link to your portfolio (or whatever) in the “About Me” text box in the Preferences page, click my username to see it :wink:


I’m here too :grinning: Sure will take some time getting used to, but overall I think that innovating is important and it’s a step forward in the right direction.

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Nice one @abstract_labs, thank you :smile:

I agree, direct marketplace links were helpful and had high response rate. The new forum is very cluttered right now :frowning: Hoping that it will improve soon…

Holy hell. I actually felt like lost in new country. And what is happening. Seriously.

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whats going on here can anyone tell me :smiley:

hoping the new one is better then the older one although i am kinda feeling lost here
what i am wondering lately is like,
5,740,709 community members and only around 20 replies here?

Are only 18 videohivers here including me?

I’ve uploaded my very first project today the “True Waves” and hoping that it’ll be available soon

Hi guys :smile:

Also me i’m here but… i really miss the old forum…

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Here as well, but there’s noting to say,
Could try though.
A guy walks Into a bar…