Forum search bug

Hi everyone,
I think the forum is also a bug. search page is not working properly. I am looking for specific words but cannot find a forum.

I want to give an example.

The link of my template is in the forum but I can’t find it. was written on the analitycs tab of the template. that data was deleted today because the month has changed. so i can’t take a screenshot.

maybe a buyer asked for help. I want to find that topic. What should I do to search for links in the forum?

Thank you.

Hi @dofx

Let me explain from my little knowledge:

You are searching using your item id which not working because item id search will work in the envato market to search an item. your videohive item id exist in a full url of your videohive item in the forum topic, so it is not a text string and forum search return no result. if the item id was a text string not a item link then search will work. for example if you search with this ‘468564’ you will get result. Because 468564 is a string here not a part of full url.

@KingDog can more highlight about this.


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Thanks for the answer.
buyers sometimes do not send messages and prefer to post to the forum. I want to search with item id. I wish I could do it :slight_smile:

from my experience customer most cases mentioned the item name and few cases don’t mention item name or item link and all cases forum community guide them how they can get support from the purchased item author. forum is not a place to direct support to customer and we always send them in the right track to get support from author. if you like to contribute to your customer then you can be regular in envato forum and reply to your customer.

Another way to get notification is tag to author (@dofx) and some times forum community and moderator do tag the author if they can know who is the author (if customer mentioned exact item title or post full url).


Thanks for the answers. I think I understood this system better.