Rename tags to match marketplaces

I just found out that some tags “belongs” to certain marketplaces:

“audio” => AudioJungle
"3D" => 3DOcean
"code" => CodeCanyon
"web_design" => ThemeForest
"graphics" => GraphicRiver
"photography" => PhotoDune
"video" => VideoHive

That’s great but why don’t name it like the matching marketplace? This way it could be slightly more obvious where the thread belongs to.

Other missing tags:


for threads realted to all marketplaces

feature request

for mp specific feature requests

bug report

for mp related bug reports

I would also like to see “item discussions” grouped together somehow.
All these people wanting feedback on rejected items or item bugs.

Like seriously every 3rd post is “hard reject please help” on the forums.

Yeah, that’s very annoying…
but I noticed that “Creative” category has changed to “Project feedback”, so I think the problem is solved now, just mute it.

I was just coming back here to post that! Thanks for renaming that category admins :slight_smile:

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yes, these are categories which can get ignored. It doesn’t work with tags though

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