Videohive - Multi Video Resolution Option

How hard to company like this (envato) is implementing multi resolution option for video files? I cant understand this. Serously. Are they so miser that they cant afford few additional computers to convert files? Or what?
How may years is this already? Nothing changes. Lots of duplicated files in portfolio (in different resolutions of course) and one big mess becouse of that.

Could anyone from staff take voice about that matter?

Multi resolution requires additional license change and more storage. As a buyer i prefer when buying stock footage to buy 1080p or higher if it’s available at the moment. I think many of buyers simply won’t pay attention and i think it’s useless having lower resolution than 720p

Im not talking about lower resolutions than 1080p. Im talking about higher only. 4K or even 6K.
I want to upload once 4K file and buyer can decide in what format and price he will buy and download video.
Similar thing as is on ALL other stock sites.


I know what are you talking about, also you have an amazing library but knows maybe in the future developers and @collis will think about it.

“in the future”. It should be done few years ago. When they started Videohive. Its a standard.
Im curious what is the reason. Reasonable reason.

Photodune has similar implementation and maybe it would be better to merge stock footage with stock photo. I’m not sure is it technically possible but for sure it won’t impact Videohive items.

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How do you change the resolution/size from 320 to 1080 when downloading a video?