Video Show App is using my Music.

Hey everybody,
quite accidentally I found my music on a video show App Video on Instagram.
Is it allowed to sell a Video App with Music from Audiojungle with one Single license from Audiojungle.
Because now everybody who has this App can use my Music for free for their Videos and will upload it on YouTube, Instagram etc.
Thanks for every response.:slight_smile:

No. That is not allowed. Read section 11 (quoted below)

You can’t use the Item in applications allowing an end user to customise a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as “on demand”, “made to order” and “build it yourself” applications. You may use the Item in these ways only if you purchase a separate license for each final product created using the Item.

Examples of this specific “single application” requirement: Online video or animation rendering services, “build your own website” services, photo slideshow creators, and e-card generators. You will need one license for each product created by a customer, or contact us to discuss.

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Thank you very much!:slight_smile: