Which license for music in a mobile app that generates videos?


I have a mobile app that is currently in development, and I would like to use several audio clips from audiojungle in the app.

Here are the basic rules guiding the use of the audio in the app:

  • Users of the app will be able to create videos with embedded music for the sole purpose of sharing those videos on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).
  • Users cannot modify the music, except perhaps there will be an automatic fade-out due to a time limit on the videos, but that does not alter the creative work).

Unfortunately, it’s unclear to me what license would be most appropriate to use for audio works, so it would be helpful to know which license is the best one for my use case.

Follow-Up Question: Alternatively, would Envato Elements be appropriate in lieu of a per-file license? It was also difficult to tell if that would be an acceptable use under its license.

Thanks in advance,


Hey Even,

I’m afraid there is no license covering your type of use, it’s actually specifically forbidden as per Envato’s terms.

Am I allowed to use an item in an “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” product or service (e.g. online video or animation rendering services, “create your own” slideshow apps, e-card generators)?

No, not even with a multi-use license. You can only use an item in this way if you purchase a separate single-use license for each final customized product that is created by a customer.

Sorry to bring you the bad news.

Thanks, @PurpleFog – that’s really unfortunate that there is no license that would allow for that kind of use. :disappointed:

I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.



I may be wrong here as I’m not too familiar with the competition’s terms, but I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for on similar platforms.

Your best bet would be to strike a deal directly with an author who would grant you redistribution rights.

Hope you eventually manage to get what you want :slight_smile:

Thanks - yeah that’s actually what I’m considering doing at this point, but that’s a complex hurdle to get over as well.