How many different videos can I create with a single piece of music I purchased?

Can I use a single piece of music I purchased from Audio Jungle (a Standard License) for different You Tube content videos I produce on my own channel, of which my videos will eventually be monetized also? For example, different videos I will create are travel, crafting projects, shopping. If not, what license should I be purchasing?

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You can use it only for 1 video

Hi, 1 video - 1 music track and license targeting different audiences who will watch your video.

Thank you!

According to the license legal. You can use 1 standard license of the song for end up video.
Please see Audio Jungle license for more information.

1 license for 1 end product. But 1 end product not always = 1 video. For example if your product is “series” then you can use it more than one time. Check this FAQ , it’s a good article with many examples and I’m pretty sure you’ll find there answers you are looking for.

And audience size matters only if you are planning to use music for broadcast (TV, radio or online streaming). If you are making just ordinary product like video on YouTube then you don’t need to consider audience size at all, standard license will be ok. Hope I helped you. Good luck :slight_smile: