can I use audiojungle music in self-produced videos sell these videos to my clients?

my name is Christian and I am new to audiojungle. Before I will buy music items I need to know wether I can use your audiojungle music in self-produced videos and sell these videos to my clients (using your music in it)?

I need to upload these vids to Youtube/Vimeo in order to integrate them into the 3D-spaces I create for my clients

Regards, CP.
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You can see some details about AudioJungle licenses here.

For Youtube specific info, you can find that here.

Alternatively, it’s usually best to ask legal/license-related questions to Envato support as they’ll be able to give you a definitive answer.
You can do that here.

thx so far … 1st question after reading Music Standard License | AudioJungle

You are licensed to use the Item in one of the following ways ( Allowed Use ),
in a single application (a single product or project):

does that mean “one bought licence = one use in one video” … so that I need to re-buy the licence when I want to create another video for a diffrent client using the same audiojungle-track?

That is correct. Every new video made using that music requires a new license.

The end product, in this case, refers to the video, so if you want to use the music multiple times in the same video, that’s fine, but if you want to create multiple videos, then you need a new license each time.

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