Video of "Half Elite" Author, Featuring WATERMARKED AJ Track

I’m on AJ for quite a while, made some decent sales, made some pretty popular topics on the forum, but never got to be an “Elite” or “Half Elite”, whatever that means…
Anyway, I expect from Envato authors to have respect to other authors and creators. Maybe this happened by mistake, but still, has to be addressed in one way or another.

So, here’s a video of unboxing a “Half Elite Pack”, featuring a track with watermark.

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Maybe it’s time AJ authors get some respect from the rest of this community!

Celebrating your achievements within a community with music stolen from the very same community… ironically not cool!

This is ironically funny and tragic at the same time! At full power elite he’ll get the license…

Ha ha… I like the comment in his video saying that the gift from envato it’s not that special and he expected something more fancy…

I like how he looked inside as if there was going to be something else in the bag, you could sense the disappointment and then the video just cuts.


Thanks! I reported it to Envato - they will decide what to do.

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Thanks. Since the redesign I find it very difficult to find my way around. Where is the report button/ thread/ link?


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There’s an update of clause 31 Author Terms.

Yes, but i tried to find a link to the music and i couldnt find it.

“a watermarked preview of your item in a preview of another item on any Envato Company site”
Nope, he’s not using it in his preview, he’s using it on an “unboxing” video.

“an Envato affiliate can use your item thumbnail previews in their promotion of the Envato Market”
That’s a bit grey, but I see it as “I’m THIS author, making this kind of products… buy them on ENVATO” kind of video. As in, if you’re a video author, you can use AJ music to present a portfolio of your videos, or, if you’re an AJ author, you find some videos and use them to show how your music could accommodate this type of videos.
In any case, “the watermarked item is credited”, and no info about the music is provided in that video.


maybe not but the timing of this seemed really coincidental!

I am not clear about this clause 31…
Does this mean that VideoHive author now don’t need to buy music any longer? They can simply use our previews and voilà?

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That’s always been the case. They can use preview tracks for their own video previews.

Exactly. It also mean that they can use your music for free on their social media if they somehow mention that they are authors on Envato, or at least the new update is THAT imprecise.

oh ok… I did not know, as I see so many examples where Envato authors use non-watermark music bought from Audiojungle :slight_smile: (good for us)

The preview still needs to be used in an envato item preview. It’s not a get-any-music-for-anything-as-long-as-you’re-an-Envato-author free card.

The update to the clause applies to the affiliate status. It allows affiliates to use item previews to direct traffic to your items.


Seems reasonable and logical how you say, yet the text in the updated clause leave room for this kind of stuff that I see as an abuse.